It is said that household water purification industry

It is said that household water purification industry is an emerging industry, still in its infancy; also been said that the water purification industry has been fully formed. Regardless of whether the water purification industry has matured, more and more serious water pollution problems in our production and life are undeniable, but also makes the attention of more and more home water purifier, home water purifier market competition increasingly fierce today, water purifier manufacturers have four conditions to be invincible.
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Water industry next year the market size is expected to reach 32.9 billion yuan

Under severe environmental pollution, an occasion to develop China’s environmental protection industry, the environment began to rise in the electrical market. December 6, from the 21st Century Business Herald “2017 water industry development Summit Forum” was informed that from January to November this year, the market scale will reach 24 billion water purification, water purifier entered a stage of rapid development.
According to the data, since the beginning of 2012 water purifier market rapid expansion, in 2014 the market size of $ 9.7 billion industry, 2015–2016 soared to 14.7 billion yuan and 20.3 billion yuan. With the expansion of the water purifier market size, the category showing growth slowing trend.
“Our water purification industry is in its infancy, higher water purification industry, high ceilings ownership, development space is large future potential.” Wen Jianping Beijing Orville cloud network Big Data Technology Co., Ltd., and president expected 2018 water purifier market will reach 32.9 billion yuan.
But as water pollution incidents occur with high frequency in people’s lives, a growing sense of user health, water purification products will gradually shift to household necessities product demand from the elastic. According to the “water purification products consumer research report” shows that 92% of consumers believe that daily drinking water pollution problems still exist, 25% of consumers believe more serious water pollution, but also affect people’s health.
In addition, two-child policy of liberalization, so that the water purifier market is more obvious demographic dividend. The above-mentioned research report revealed that at present the main drivers of consumer purchasing water purifier is to protect the health of children; followed by fear of drinking water health, improve the quality of life and new home decoration, you need to purchase a water purifier to improve the quality of life.
Vice President Orville cloud network Guomei De said the water industry hot market performance, so many companies saw great potential in the field of water purification, including AO Smith, Angel, 3M, United States, Changhong, boss, Skyworth, spring to other companies have entered the field of water purification. But at the same time thriving industry, some companies ignore the products and services in a timely upgrade and improve that industry chaos.
According to Ovid cloud network recently released “2018 China water industry White Paper” shows that the water purifier is a common problem does not attach importance to innovation, imitation copy more, so the resulting water purification product homogeneity quite serious. From the point of view of water purification products become increasingly homogeneous, unable to meet consumers’ quality type “demand.
In addition theIn addition, the domestic household water purification industry penetration is still much lower than in Europe and America, Japan and South Korea and other markets, the lack of orderly competition in the industry, while the lack of push hands in iterative product upgrades. “Enterprises must break the inertia of thinking, continue to strengthen brand building, optimizing the channel structure, three-dimensional technology to promote products, based on the core technology, to grasp the core components, so the competition is heating up water purification market.” Guomei De talking about.

Low-cost water purifier water purification products mixed depth analysis of the reasons

[ is ] water purifier brand on as many as thousands of water purification market, however, is that the ratio should allow consumers to understand. Water purifier market price can be said to vary from a few hundred to tens of thousands, it seems as if only the difference in appearance. Water purifier is expensive is better understood, probably imported brands, may be a premium brand, but why are there so many low-cost water purifier it? Is it really true that the water purifier business is good when suddenly and then selling at a loss? NO, this may be the following three reasons.

First, the filter is not high precision prefilter

on the market, some of the and a single-stage pre-filter type filtration are sold very cheap because no special purification techniques and they do not need water purification process in the production process. Pre-filter is cheap, but it is also very necessary, because in actual use, it can filter the water rust, sediment and other large particles of pollutants, the pre-filter installed in the home water pipe outlet, as the first a filter, the water can protect the downstream piping appliances, such as household water purifiers, water heaters, washing machines, etc., extend the life of other water appliances. However, if you want to install only pre-filter to drink clean, safe water, it may be a little too optimistic, because of its bacteria, colloids, microorganisms these small particles or impurities can not be removed.

Second, small workshops manufacturers substandard products

Chinese home more than 5,000, which is more than 800 small workshops, small workshops which produce household water purifier manufacturers usually not for a production license, there is no access to relevant health document. Why do not they do? Not that they do not want to do, but because of a substandard product. Substandard product for many reasons, these small manufacturers, most of the machines are assembled machines, production is also no technology, raw materials more expensive what is what, do not consider product quality problems. The company is no more than 3500 production plant, pure foundry, so the cost of production of household water purifier is very low, but they still exist, production, sales, and why? Because marketable, there is a market.

Third, the poor quality of defective products

There are a part of manufacturers, inferior to choose some material when the material is selected, the production process stealSave work material, produced by the machine is not detected, as long as the appearance looks like a home water purifier, dare to market sales. But such household water purifiers, they dare to sell, you dares to buy it? No filtering function, not a home water purifier, but the sewage of household water purifiers you dares to buy it? Santianliangtou leaky home water purifier is you dare to buy it? wire a period of time on aging leakage of household water purifiers you dares to buy it? filter bottle will not crack under pressure household water purifiers you dare to buy it …… poor quality of these defective products tend to Taobao and other ways, at a low price as bait to sell to some consumers want to be cheap.

The so-called “pay for”, so low prices to buy water purifiers, businesses as well as make some money, we can see, these low-cost water purifier is how low. Want to buy good quality water purifiers, water purifiers if the technology is not very understanding, then choose a professional brand is also a good product quality and after-sales support.

Unsafe drinking water is the culprit secondary water pollution

[ is ] the city of skyscrapers, many residential areas are selected by way of secondary water supply to the water supply to the household level. Due to the rapid development of urban high-rise buildings, inadequate municipal water supply network, water supply network is too broad, there is not enough water pressure and storage power delivering water to each place, so in a higher position or place to establish a reservoir water tank, water from the waterworks out after first flowing water storage reservoirs or provided at the top floor of the pot, and then through the water pipe flows home residents. Tap water itself is long out of water standards, there is no problem. But why the family out of the tap water has a heterochromatic smell? Culprit is the secondary water pollution. Many of those living in high-rise building tenants believe that their own tap water Tap water is provided directly. In actual fact, the water plant can only supply water pressure to the 6th floor, but up to 8 layers. Thus, less than 8 household use, must WSO or secondary cell. Although tap water every day, but how many people are concerned over the safety and health condition of the secondary water supply equipment?

The reason the majority of the water turbid water supply in the secondary part of

With a growing district high-rise building the more, drinking water basically to go through the “municipal water pipe network → → → secondary water supply facilities users” few links. As the secondary water supply facilities plus more contact with the outside world due to year-round pool is not cleaned, disinfected or stamped locking, rain and foreign matter into the tank, sediment accumulation, harmful algae breeding. Dead rat, junk items rust and rust shedding skin, bodies floating pests and other conditions often occur. If the secondary water supply equipment not in accordance with state regulations on time and quality cleaning and maintenance, it will certainly have serious water pollution worries, because the tank has a dozen or even dozens of family households users, groups can cause serious infection events, such as dysentery, typhoid. Experts suggest that the disease control department, qualified families can water purifier way to keep the family safe by installing water.

secondary water supply security costs “dead ends”

secondary water supply has long been a neglected health “blind spots.” It is understood that the reservoir daily health management is building or property unit was commissioned by the department in charge of the property, the responsibility of the health sector supervision. Since the cleaning time interval is long, a lot of units and the cell is not the person responsible for maintenance of secondary water supply system, there is no set of corresponding health management systems. Residents itself without strong Italianknowledge.

better off, in order to improve the quality of life of people living on high-rise buildings, but under house looks gorgeous, but it hides a deadly threat. Are you also using water tower reservoir in it? So the growth of bacteria, stale, smell smoke blackening the sky water can rest assured that you use it? Instead of waiting to clean up the property company from time to time, as your own installation of a [123 ] more assured, this is the most efficient and scientific way. For your family’s health and drinking water, quickly do it, with the early morning health.

How water industry needs to break the siege of the artisan spirit

[ is ] As of 21:48 August 7, July 27 evening 8:00 released “Wolf 2” has grossed more than 3.392 billion, 33.9 leapfrogged the final box office million “mermaid”, a new box office champion.

“The Little Mermaid” film side sent a congratulatory message to mark the Chinese new box office record.

the hottest big event last week, on a number of the Wolf 2. 4 hours box office breaking billion in eight days at the box office over 2 billion, were without a pass Wu Jing, self-directed speech, the silent “Wolf 2” into a “national network of Red”, which has made films in this year the phenomenal explosion models.

Wolf’s success is no accident, because Wu Jing to make a good theme of this military action, has been prepared for many years.

“Wolf” full preparations for the first six years, to this end, Wu Jing also went to special forces military service for two years, open tanks, shooting, gun play these skills are learned in the army of. “Wolf 2” is Wu Jing bet on his own family property, with a full 10 months in Africa, risking their lives taken out.

at small meat in power today, Wu Jing relying on their own tenacity and movie entertainment rare artisan spirit, tear out a way to survive, because he believed that blood flow through the sweat member of flowing, the audience will see in the eyes, touched in their hearts. Now “Wolf 2” in the shadow of the city’s most prominent finally let Wu Jing “rain comes.”

status of the water purification industry

and now the water industry and the entertainment industry, how can their similar, after years of development and the elimination, in the water purifier business reduced from a peak of 6000 to the current more than 3,000. However, this is more than 3,000 enterprises, there are still a large number of small workshop-style water purifier companies, they use low quality or even malicious marketing of fake and shoddy products and swindling to deceive consumers, ruining the industry atmosphere, also messing up the entire water purifier market, to the healthy development of the water purifier industry has brought great obstacles.

Today, most consumers are ignorant of the previous water purifier to the current understanding, they no longer believe in all kinds of casual “concept of water” flicker, no longer easily be all kinds of rivers and lakes will sell the team deceived, they become more and moreFocus on brand, quality and after-sales service.


water industry, need one willing to loneliness, perseverance, not afraid of hardship, “Wu Jing who” use this scarce “craftsman spirit” to create in research and development and quality, adhere to service commitments to reshape the pattern of development of water purification industry, set the industry righteousness, to change the impression in the minds of consumers, thus leading water industry on the path to healthy and sustainable development.

the envy of its big selling “Wolf 2” hot, Wu Jing is better to learn to shoot, “Wolf 2” to pay for blood and effort sink in the heart, the mind focused on brand building and good service , will be able to create their water purification industry, “wolf!”

then there please LaoJiangHu began performing, how to share in the highly competitive market water purifier, to blaze a road! [123 ]

thinking: how do water purifier marketing

and make timely adjustments

the introduction of national and local policies in accordance with industry standards, failure water purifier is limited, and truly achieve the national waste water than a standard business can be based on the market, to avoid secondary pollution. For the furniture industry’s growing emphasis on environmental protection, water purification business to product development has brought rising demand. This requires enterprises to actively purifier according to market demand to make the appropriate adjustments.

grasp the depth funds operational issues

water purifier enterprises in cooperation with the decoration company, probably first by a water purifier business underwritten, to be settled after the completion of the project and decoration company . Once the market downturn, decoration company will face no funds back to the plight of the cage, then the water purifier business might not get the money, pose a significant risk of capital chain. Coupled with the recent frequent home building materials industry collapse, the person in charge at running events such as financial institutions financial support for water purification industry, leading water purifier industry capital chain tightened. Therefore, it is especially important to the ability to control capital chain.

marketing need to diversify

With the development of Internet and mobile Internet and other technologies, water purification industry to get a new room for improvement, water purifiers marketing model along with the change, main features: First, water purifier water purifier site as the representative of the rapid development of enterprise business platform; second is the rise and development of micro-marketing of water purifier on behalf of microblogging, letters and so on; Third,Widely used in event marketing, entertainment marketing and other new marketing tools in the marketing of water purifier. This requires water purifier business diversification in marketing mode.

No matter how poor they have to install water purifiers never could get the body organs when the filter

[ is ] buy three thousand air conditioning, with a maximum of three months each year! More than four thousand to buy a washing machine, wash up to once a day! Buy LCD TV more than five thousand, will see every day a few hours! Buy a up to three thousand water purification, but can twenty-four hours attention to your family’s health! may I ask what is important? pay for the health than anything else worth! food to water first, as a source of water to the net! you know, the family installed a water purifier is equivalent to a family safe vitro “kidney”!

many people are troubled or tangled in the end not to install water purifier that comes from the lack of health values, he has not really figure out health in the end belongs to which category of life -? is necessary or essential, consumption or investment, is essential, or dispensable, on the back burner?

thought patterns of consumption from the “get” → “expenditure”, focusing thinking in spending. Has got to be fixed, such as what kind of car fancy, that dress, which itself is the result of immutable, so I had to calculate expenses, “whether in exchange for less money to do it?”, Which means saving their own win , and there are short-term satisfaction. For someone to drive you, for you to make money, but no one is sick for you, it is imminent. A set of alarming data tell you what we drink water.

Because of water pollution worldwide each year tens of thousands of child deaths. The incidence of new species due to water pollution caused by more and more, drinking water pollution has become a major environmental problem.

the value of 1000 yuan a piece of clothing, a small ticket can prove; a car worth 50 million and invoices to prove; the value of 5 million house, real estate license can demonstrate; a man worth in the end, only health can be proved. Health is your guarantee, so please do not take a calculator to calculate the money you spend on health. Called healthy assets, not health called heritage! Spend a thousand pieces to buy a water purifier says no money, do not as a health package, a car, a suite?

A lot of people say, so buy a house to buy a water purifier, I do not understand is your house need to drink good water, good water to drink or do you need? it’s not decoration, but our cells need to drink good water, 80% of the cell is water do healthy 80% water decision!

because you and your loved ones visceral far more than thousands of dollars! Dear friends, in order toYou and your loved ones please read:

World Health Organization (WHO) survey showed that: 80% of the world disease and 50% of child deaths are related to poor water quality and drinking water. Due to water pollution, worldwide there are 50 million child deaths each year, 35 million people suffering from cardiovascular disease, 70 million people suffering from gallstone disease, 90 million people have hepatitis, 30 million people died of liver cancer and stomach cancer.

incidence of new species due to water pollution caused by more and more, drinking water pollution has become a major environmental problem. People are increasingly concerned about the safety of drinking water.

a, you know what is the quality of drinking water it?

1, colorless, odorless, transparent

2, sterile, non-spore, virus-free

3, free chlorine and trihalomethane

4, no residual pesticide and chemical organic

5, no heavy metals, such as rust, lead, mercury, etc.

6, no impurities

7, oxygen (fresh and not boiled)

8, of minerals (calcium, magnesium, fluoride and other beneficial minerals, bottled water will end identification : total mineral content in water)

Second, your water safe to drink now it unsafe drinking water will cause any harm:?

1, resulting in kidney burden, the decline in renal function , leading to kidney failure, severe kidney transplant to be.

2, cells decreased quality of raw materials, decreased immune function.

3, the body reduces sensitivity to environmental change, the ability to drop from harm.

Please refer to the following authoritative report: Today’s drinking habits will determine the health status 10 years later, people used to drink boiled water, tap water and alum, rust, chlorine, trihalomethane, heavy metals lead, mercury as well as bacteria and viruses, that can not be removed by boiling.

According to WHO reports, can check out the water world 2,221 kinds of chemicals, 765 kinds of hazardous organic contaminants in drinking water, wherein the identification confirmation by 20 kinds of carcinogens, 23 kinds of suspected carcinogens, mutagens 56 species, 18 kinds of cancer-promoting agents. ?

bottled water do you known secret: you know that bottled waterThe shelf life of it? Not been touched, save one to two months, but later opened it up to 10 days, because the bacteria into the air. You know there are long periods of cleaning drinking fountains liner consequences of it? Studies have shown that at room temperature, drinking water in the first day if the bacterial index is zero, the day will climb to 7 per milliliter 8000 bacteria, bacteria content 80 times higher than the tap water!

many market sales of bottled water are sterilized prior to disinfection with ozone barreling. Ozone is a strong oxidizing agent, it will minerals and chemical reaction in water, bromate generating harmful to human beings. The study found that bromate carcinogenicity in experimental animals.

Third, the choice purifier:

water purification filter function is floating in water, heavy metals, bacteria, viruses, chlorine, sediment, rust, microorganisms and so removed , it has a high precision filtering techniques, home use water purifiers for the five or six art water purifier filter water purifier filter technology, five filtering technology, also known as the first stage of the filter PP cotton filter ( the PPF), the second stage granular activated carbon (UDF) filter, the third stage is a precision activated Carbon (CTO) filter, the fourth level or a reverse osmosis membrane membrane, the fifth stage is [123 ] after the activated carbon (small T33). Finally, six water purifier filter technique also added a weakly basic filter technology, energy bars (PPF filter + + granular activated carbon The sintered activated carbon membrane + + + weakly basic post carbon energy bars ). Water purifier not only on the water heavily polluted areas of application, but also to conventional filtration of residual chlorine in tap water, and it can improve water taste.

health than see you have no money, but to see you have the idea! Can not wait for health, house tens of millions, less than one square meter of water purifier money, and benefit the whole family! So for you and your family’s health, please install a water purifier, make healthy you and your family have a security guarantee.

This 5 reasons to drive the water purification industry line machine to become the "new species"

[ is ] At first glance the title, you might be more surprised, what “new species”? Yes, pipeline machine really is exclusive in mainland China the rise of new species! Here to you 11 years! the first thing you have to know, pipeline machine or call pipeline water dispenser as a water purification industry sub-sub-categories, in recent years, becoming a powerhouse, and the Chinese people drinking habits have a great relationship.

Europe and other developed countries, people drink better water quality water at room temperature mostly

as Europe, America, Japan and other developed countries, after a century of industrial economic development, has been after entering the industrial era, water source protection better, and running water (in the West is not “running water” concept, in the West as “Shui”) of most of the city water supply pipe network is also entirely deep purification, that is, we are talking buildings and even municipal water supply. So, the home terminal in Western countries often can drink water directly against the faucet, then bad on the faucet and then attach a simple tap-type media filters and filter on the line, nothing more than this simple adsorption water purifier chlorine and odor. Like the scene we often can see a lot of foreign TV drama.

In fact, residents of Europe and America developed countries, in addition to the need to make coffee hot water, mostly like to drink water at room temperature and ice water, even in the cold of winter, not many like to drink hot water, cold water is the main way of drinking water. Therefore, like 3M, Pentair, GE and other US and northern Europe, it is based on a composite filter as one of the microfiltration type water purifier products to meet the drinking water needs of the people in these countries. And like Japan’s Mitsubishi Rayon Co., east Li Binuo other places simple media filter main reason is that here, the high quality of “Shui” and then simply adsorbed on the line.

Korean water purifier to purify heating and cooling combination led

look at the drinking water situation in Korea, the Korean water purifier using a relatively large similarity with the Chinese mainland market that is RO reverse osmosis water purification machines dominate the market. China and South Korea but the difference was the use of water purifier is also very obvious. In Korea, whether resident or family street shops, restaurants like to use both vertical heating and cooling functions combined in one drink straight, that is, we usually refer to”Vertical straight drink machine”, or desktop drink straight.

Korea’s water purifier spending habits, you may have to eat with seafood and ice and other habits of a certain relationship, the Korean people like drinking ice water, and even a lot of people like to add ice, so ice with function the water purifier has a great market, relatively little water to drink. So you see Woongjin, clear lake, water purifier brands such as Samsung, basically sell or lease the main vertical straight drink machine, water purifier host of small business alone.

Pipeline machine is unique category Chinese market, driven by the five reasons

In fact Korea is very popular drink straight, clean water equal to the host machine and integrated into the pipeline together. However, the mainland Chinese market, vertical straight drink each company also have, but in terms of overall sales volume is very general, but rather split the “clean water pipeline machine host +” in combination is more common, or even a net water host machine with a plurality of lines, a combination of “1 + X drinking solution” is very common, pipeline machine or wall-mounted machine line, or a plane vertical line. This is the situation different factors, if the copy might “find the North” was.

water purification industry, pipeline machines in China is extending this “new species” to form a water purifier and host “perfect match companion”, or “gold partner”, is entirely original Chinese market of. The reason is called “original”, according to the analysis, there are four major reasons for the level of the first big reason is the core reason is that Chinese people like to drink boiled water (hot water), and the like tea, and sat down like a southerner on the first bubble tea kung fu, kung fu even drink tea, will give you a good cup of green tea or black tea, it is necessary to boil the water brewing, which is the internal reality of demand.

the second leading cause, without discharging concentrated water pipeline machine, easy installation, or if, as Korea and Taiwan, as mounted directly drink straight vertical, is more than a concentrated water discharge pipe, the installation cumbersome and unsightly. Just the rise of China water purifier industry relatively late, most of the water purifier and install machines are still in the pipeline after the house renovation completed and then buy, so the reverse osmosis water purifier installed in the kitchen or house water purification filters at the same time through the sewers concentrated water discharge away, while the pipeline installed in the living room or office scriptorium, is a good solution.

the third leading cause of ChinaPeople “good face”, the host, simply put it under a cupboard, no one can see, and if the wall-mounted pipeline machine or vertical lines installed in the dining room, living room and other places, it seems more “Fan children” ah!

the fourth leading cause, “Chinese people lazy,” too mention the bottle of water and then boil trouble, so pipe machine to meet the needs of consumers plan to save the thing.

the fifth leading cause, is the result of manufacturers to promote education. Installed a water purifier host is a price, plus a pipeline machine is called a price or a combination package price, relatively speaking, to further enhance profits, and there will be a driving force for the channel. So, pipeline machine in the rise of the Chinese market, is “subjective and objective reasons overlay” the result is the result of market choices.

to purchase and operate the pipeline machine, choose a qualified brand

Finally, friendship remind friends, no matter what line sale machine, must be based on the sales of products of the trademark or brand relying, for “two certificates” is legitimate, first, CCC, namely 3C mandatory safety certification, which belong to the jurisdiction of quality and Technical supervision, the second is health permits, which belongs to the Planning Commission and Board of health supervision guard around the tube both are indispensable, otherwise it is illegal and illegitimate pipeline machine, do not allow public sale. In addition, that is, those “three non-product” of the pipeline machine, that is, no name site, no marks, no telephone three non-pipeline water dispenser, you still farther away, a lot of security risks, and if the business channel words, Once the investigation will face heavy penalties.

Of course, if you choose the brand of pipe machine, you wanted to make sure there is no insurance, if there is quality insurance product liability insurance, then pipeline machine is a problem, you can find the insurance company claims, eliminate safety hazards.

To look forward to the next decade of the gold industry: water purifier

[ is With the rapid development of Chinese economy, the environment has become increasingly prominent, especially in domestic water and drinking water pollution is more prominent, water pollution makes water unsafe people use every day, water pollution incident after another. People desire unprecedented security of drinking water, in order to access to safe water, household water purifier to become first choice for many families.

First, it is a long-term health needs for water quality, and will be more intense with the development of society. Secondly, on water pollution control system planning and secondary pollution, the state currently can not afford to rely on technology funding thoroughly resolved, sustained and effective solution is to rely on the end product were kind of water purifier to protect water quality and safety. At the same time, water purification technology after more than ten years of development already reaching maturity, with its own unique technical advantages, has become a mainstream technology to meet customer demand for clean water, the government also increased support for the water industry, on the macro ensure a virtuous cycle industry, which is the water purification industry is full of strong base business opportunities. National Eleventh Five-Year Plan and the Ministry of Science and Technology Development Strategic Plan will focus on investment in water purification technology as the core technology, water technology and healthy development of the market has been on the agenda at the national level, and long-term boom in the country under the guidance of development of.

consumer demand for “healthy water” getting high, the rapid development of the water industry is imperative. Water industry after 20 years of development, consumer awareness of the product greatly improved, is currently facing opportunity to take off the development of the industry. In addition the current water industry competitive intensity is relatively low, there is a high profit margin in the overall value chain, is a typical gold market, is undoubtedly the greatest motivation for all businesses to enter the industry, but with the development of the industry, increase the intensity of competition is an inevitable trend, which is the law of the life cycle of any development of the industry of the decision, evergreen stands still at the stage of higher competitive pressure, they must establish their own core competitive advantage. For businesses to enter the industry, the sooner the barriers to entry to accumulate more competitive advantage in all aspects, and even the establishment of a competitive market, early entry into the industry, not only to the accumulation of industry marketing experience earlier, better accumulation of all aspects resources, including customer groups, resources, media resources, brand resources, supply-side trust resources, and so on.

water purifier industry, although still in a development stage, but the marketUnprecedented potential to become the new cornucopia. With the Chinese people’s living standards rising, the demand for health and environmental protection products, more and more intense, the requirements for drinking water have become more sophisticated, and water health, water and environmental protection of water-related appliances will become the mainstream consumer. According to official data show that China’s water purifier manufacturers to double-digit annual growth rate, the industry has become recognized as the gold industry over the next decade, and the growth of the industry into the fast lane.

Unable to control water pollution need home water purifier P

[ is ] This is what we often encounter water pollution, as well as our most helpless; this is our biggest confusion of life, when the CCTV played over and over again in water pollution incident, in denouncing those black-hearted enterprise, the last water pollution still did not stop; we think about water pollution in recent years due to growing incidence of water pollution, reduce the tendency nothing; when CCTV in frustration when ordinary people can imagine we are What kind of state?

water is the biggest thing we intake every day. If there is among you a small amount of water contaminants, so you go in a large number of daily intake of this contaminant is a very serious problem. So this is the case, our requirements for water quality should be better. That water safety is the most important.

because it is starting from our own, from their own interests, from their own security;? If when we ourselves do not care, then who else can help How about you as sick as when he is not responsible for the health of the time; why when you ask others to borrow money to help the sick, how can you help society requires unable to control water pollution, starting only from their own terminal in order to solve the!.

In the era we can not even control of water pollution, according to the expert pointed out that China water pollution issues outstanding, no quick fix deal with water pollution in a short time is difficult to grasp the storm in the next two or three decades Bureau. The traditional way of drinking water and there is a big limitation, how can people drink safe water? Experts said the installation of is the most safe drinking water solutions.

of water in our lives plays an important role, it is the source of life, material resources is one of human survival and development of the most important indispensable. Human life moment without water, water is the most important material needs of human life. A water purifier, you can make your health drink clean water, keep you away from water pollution violations.

Water purification agents to join better to do what has been recognized by the franchisee

[ is ] For those who want to invest water purification industry people, a good agent can do for you is often a problem issue. In water purification business, looking for cooperation, the election of the manufacturers that is half the battle, the general water purifier manufacturers to join in the study, tends to only pay attention to the strength of the manufacturers, product policy, brand recognition as well as manufacturers of follow-up services, business strategy and so on. Then, water purifier manufacturers how to make water purifiers franchisees recognize it

First:? Talk to agents to establish mutual trust relationship

for a focus on the long-term interests of the manufacturers, more willing to have established a relationship of trust, deserve support long-term cooperation of agents, and agents are willing to choose those with high integrity manufacturers to join, so the establishment of a trust relationship in the beginning of the cooperation is very important, consider the following three small series manufacturers and dealers point to talk clearly.

①, manufacturers in the market to the dealer draw pie was not to forget, is not just a market, there are a lot of peers is also eyeing a little to pour cold water splash to the dealer, must be objectively speaking out, the dealer is not objectionable manufacturers such pour cold water.

②, need to nurture, money might not be so fast. Unlike other markets, water purifier market in order to make big money needs to slow down, it can not be achieved, there is no successful model can be applied to establish a good corporate image the most important.

Second: allow agents to make money long-term follow

allows dealers to make money long-term distributors of the manufacturers of the most popular, how to identify such manufacturers

①,? strong price control system. Dealers fear most what? Today to spend 300 to buy something, tomorrow is filled with 280! Price system is a space of dealer profits, and this is their lifeline! Do water purifier dealers from the beginning, the real at harvest, may take a year’s period, during this time, they are doing the basic work of the market, paving the way to work, they think only to grow crops, food will have to fight back. These dealers are manufacturers valuable asset, we must allow them to make money, so the price policy must be stable.

②, we must actively developing new products. Although the Chinese market has a law: as long as the money-making products, imitators will swarm on the ground. Also, the product itself has its inherent life cycle, Which determines, manufacturers can only their quality has been leading the market, and only then, the dealer can never earn a chunk than its competitors.

Third: the ability to provide complete post-service

water purifier manufacturers must take the interests of the community as their agents, must find agents think, worry agents urgency. Agents have regional characteristics, once the water purifier manufacturers of products selected, first to promote his new relatives and friends, and then later open slowly around the circle to do, just as throwing stones in the water, circle around, a network of agents is water purifier manufacturers money veins.

①, proxy agents to have a gradient.

even take only a few goods, but also given the opportunity to develop their space up; let’s have the ability to do to maximize their energy and enthusiasm, and to give it adequate protection area .

②, water purifier product knowledge to training, mainly for sales agent or salesperson.

Now most of the water purifier manufacturers due to staff shortage reasons, basically do several color pages to agents even completed the task, no one thought to help agents become in the shortest possible time skilled, but also make great efforts, with real dealers and their staff to communicate, the only way to allow agents to market quickly became skilled front-line staff, agents only way to make money.

③, water purifiers service must be carefully trained.

First, water purifier manufacturers should allow agents to the factory after-sales staff to learn, at least three days, during this period, so that they are familiar with the characteristics of the product structure, working principle, but also teach may occur problems after installation should pay attention to details, which details the installation accountable to consumers. Secondly, water purifier manufacturers to send technical personnel to local agents, the most vulnerable, the easiest time to develop bad habits, so the water purifier manufacturers that support the work of great value.

just do the above three points, for a water purifier to join the agency better to do this problem must be solved, but also allows agents and water purifier manufacturers to achieve long-term cooperation, mutual benefit and common cooperation win.