London’s penthouse

Covent Garden in London is an interesting penthouse apartment designed by studio Ulanowski, and the designer opens a new starting point for interior design. The homeowner is a Hong Kong jewelry designer who wants more open space and design to meet the changing needs of her family.

The layout has been redesigned, and new windows and porches bring new horizons and light-filled interior spaces.

Customized cabinets continue along the long walls of the living room to form a bright blue locker. Other white cabinets create a complex juxtaposition.

They made a perforated staircase leading to the master bedroom upstairs.

Under the stairs is a neon artwork designed by Jochen Holz and Malgorzata Bany.

The main bathroom is fitted with cedar wood walls and slatted screens for privacy.

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Tidelli’s carpet simulator allows you to create your own custom outdoor rug

In recent years, outdoor carpet design has not made much progress, only basic options are available. But like indoors, our outdoor space is not necessarily boring and basic, so why is the carpet like this? Brazilian outdoor brand Tidelli has developed an online simulator that allows you to create your own custom outdoor rugs made from nautical ropes without having to be bored. The simulator is very easy to use, it offers a lot of options, starting with shapes (circular or square/rectangular), then size (anything you want), number of colors (56), two style options, even Border selection (if square or rectangular). When you make your selection, it combines the look of the carpet. If you like and want to buy, please fill in your information and they will contact you with the following order. Not great? Click the back button and adjust it until you are satisfied. The options are endless, you can see them when you get to know the simulator.

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Tile that mimics the appearance of wood

There are also tiles like stones. These artificial stone tiles can be mounted on the walls to make the space look rustic and comfortable, and of course can be used to renew the surroundings of the fireplace. Artificial stone tiles are not only suitable for rustic interiors. In fact, they are most common in modern and contemporary spaces.

Because you are not limited to any type of dedicated fireplace tile, this means you are free to use whatever type you want, so you can choose from a wide range of materials, forms and sizes. Because tiles are so common and appear in a variety of different patterns and colors, they have become fireplace renovation projects.

Because there are many different options to choose from, there is plenty of creative space to decorate the fireplace. You can choose tiles that match the elements in the wall, floor or interior (such as curtains, furniture or lighting). Think of a fireplace tile as another wall decoration.

Do you know? You can also use 3D tiles in interior design projects. So, there are actually a number of ways to explain this, so check out this elegant fireplace to see what we mean.

Speaking of the less common types of tiles, metal tiles are also very special. We are talking about tiles made of real metal, not just metallic. You can use this fireplace tile in an industrially designed interior.

Weathered steel tiles should be mentioned separately because of their special and very unique appearance. This fireplace tile environment naturally has strong industrial characteristics. It is not surprising to see it in the context of contemporary bedrooms.

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A residence in Kansas City designed for the wide collection of art collectors

When two contemporary art collectors in Kansas City, Missouri wanted to build a new house to showcase their extensive collection, they hope Hufft can achieve this. The couple has been collecting art, including painting, photography and sculpture, for 20 years, which requires a gallery space, a new “home, with proper lighting and climate control to show it.

The appearance of the house shows its own artwork and a large sculpture is installed around the garden.

The upper level has five bedrooms – one for the owner, two for the children, and two For tenants, aluminum shutters help to block the interior.

The limestone-covered ground floor contains the main living space, including the kitchen, dining room, living room and two offices.

The non-gallery part of the home is as amazing as the amazing materials, modern furniture and other works of art.

The bedroom on the top floor has floor-to-ceiling windows that allow photos to be placed around.

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A hotel that combines Nordic charm with modern design

Ion City Hotel, like its sister hotel Ion Adventure Hotel, combines modern design with Nordic charm to provide accommodation for design enthusiasts and jet guests. Designed by the architectural studio MINARC, the hotel has 18 rooms and suites, and the interior is intricately designed with Icelandic design.

For example, the gray, white and black tones mimic the glaciers and lava areas around Iceland. The corridor leading to the room is also inspired by the rugged terrain of the countryside, and the light illuminates the way guests go to the room.

The north facing rooms have blue windows that are referenced to the ocean, while the south-facing rooms have red window seats that are referenced to the metal roof to highlight the color of the city skyline. The rooms are also furnished and decorated to showcase Iceland’s proud design traditions, such as the chair of Icelandic designer Sveinn Kjarval and the MINARC blanket inspired by traditional weaving techniques.

MINARC also designed other furniture and fixtures in the hotel’s public areas, including a bird’s nest chandelier suspended above the reception desk, and a Dropi metal chair suspended from the ceiling and forming a teardrop shape.

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Minimalist series

Dépaysement is a minimalist collection created by Brooklyn designer Vonnegut/Kraft and Slow and Steady Winsthe Race.

The series features Weft Design, a new technology for creating custom textiles where users can upload designs and edit designs, which can then be ordered on demand.

The Vonnegut/Kraft jacquard fabric consists of two benches, two footstools and a screen. The series is designed to respond to the color and geometry of the interior cushions.

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Urban grid inspired bench series

Since the late sixteenth century, the roots of modern urbanism began to be implemented in various cities in Northern Europe. The development of the network format aims to strategically link business, infrastructure and housing to a new rational life vision. The urban grid plays an important role in the urban grid bench series in the Nort studio in Antwerp, a seat system that is influenced by modern urban connectivity.

From the top, grids and grooves refer to metal fences found in cities around the world.

Every piece is folded at the top with a shallow mesh tool, allowing each component to be securely connected.

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NASA-inspired series

Design studio Azmy Anything is headquartered in London, and founder Adam Azmy, with his fascination with space travel innovation, designed a five-piece collection inspired by NASA and space exploration. The SpaceBetween Space collection includes two transcendental storage furniture with a clever way to open and close them. The remaining three are three spheres, which are perfectly carved wooden spheres.

Drinks cabinets pay tribute to Lunar Rover’s innovative tires, which have similar chevron patterns. All that is needed is a simple touch, the door can slide down easily, and the cabinet rises.

Record cabinets store vinyl records behind their solar-inspired doors, which have four different ways to open them.

Moon spheres are made of sturdy wood with a steam-curved walnut frame and LED lights. The engraved crater is based on a photo map of NASA’s lunar surface.

The Mini Moon sphere is located on a sturdy walnut base with inlaid LED lights.

The Jupiter sphere consists of four different locally sourced British woods with brass spindles hanging from a steam-curved walnut frame.

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Some resorts use hanging plants to provide freshness and beauty

Some resorts use hanging plants to provide freshness and beauty, and they make the most of their charm. An example is the Pure Spa, located in Da Nang, Vietnam. This is the MIA Design Studio project, whose exterior is covered with vertical gardens, creating a very serene atmosphere that turns the resort into an oasis. The treatment room is surrounded by lush gardens and yoga classes are placed in an open garden.
In some cases, architects offer this spa-style fresh décor to private homes. This house was designed by Alpes GreenDesign & Build and is one such example. Completed in 2016, the residence in Da Nang, Vietnam offers a fresh, open living environment with swimming pool and courtyard. Plants and trees are part of the house and define the appearance.
Golden Holiday Hotel is a popular and crowded tourist area in Niha Trang, Vietnam. It was designed by Trinhvieta Architects to make it look like a hotel from the tropics, situated by the sea and surrounded by lush vegetation. To create this type of atmosphere, the architect decorated the facade of the hotel with potted trees and plants.

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Minimalist home in Miami Beach

This 5,800-square-foot home designed by DOMO Design Studio is located on Miami Beach.

The residence has two floors that truly capture the freshness and beauty of the surroundings. The overall style is a combination of simple and quirky elements. An L-shaped pool surrounds the house and deck, making the building seem to float on the water.

The large windows and glazed façade connect the indoor and outdoor spaces, creating a strong relationship between the house and the surrounding environment. In fact, nature is a very important part of interior design as well as interior courtyards and gardens.

The social area is an open floor plan with large windows and a two-story space in the center. There is a large kitchen island in the kitchen and the dining table is simple. The earthy colours as well as the warm textures and materials create a welcoming and comfortable atmosphere.

The home has 6 bedrooms and six and a half bathrooms. These spaces are designed with natural colors such as brown, green and white, and the designer’s main goal is to create an intimate oasis-like space.

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