The present situation of water purification industry and commercial water boilers Prospects

[is ] status of water purifier manufacturers analysis

more and more operators felt the great potential view water purifier, adding to the industry in the past, but , most manufacturers are small workshops run, there is no professional design and production equipment, production sites and no formal detection method, there is no perfect management and marketing system. Not very common to buy some accessories compatible in all parts factory to assemble, no guarantee of quality, service is not guaranteed, but did not guarantee delivery.

most of the few manufacturers of consumer demand based on research, knowledge of the industry and the future direction of the depth of water purification products is not enough, so although water purifier products on the market a wide range, but are you copy me, I copy you practice.

is not only the product, the marketing water purifier, most manufacturers also are in the exploratory stage, no manufacturer experienced and successful model in this regard.

and many manufacturers are short-term, not long-term planning and market competitive strategy. There is no so-called brand, the industry is still in the stage of non-leading brands.

consumer market analysis

to in terms of consumer demand in two major categories: First, because the objective facts of tap water quality is getting worse, leading to more and more people want to tap home used for purification, after all, 80% of diseases are water-related, through the terminal water purifier purify the health of the whole family are guaranteed.

Second, now most of the units and families are drinking bottled water, but due to confusion bottled water market, consumers have concerns about bottled water, bottled water and take higher costs and most consumers do not bother to hydrotechnic people-to-door bottled water and feeling of insecurity, it is possible to make a drink in their own homes, and the use of low-cost water purifier popular will.

but the vast majority of consumers still do not know for water purification products, and some do not even have heard of a few of the current flood of water filtration technology and related knowledge is even more strange, although purification demand, but do not know which product should be selected, is still in a state of passive acceptance, the market is still in the introduction phase.

Analysis of water purification products

use classification from water purification technology, there are:

microfiltration purifier ①: The built PP filter, activated carbon filter, ceramic filter monocular, binoculars water purifiers, generally low price, but it is easy to filter clogging, and frequent replacement, and the filtration accuracy is not high, only a preliminary filtering water.

UF water purification: ultra filter core member, and some also in combination with other filter. There external pressure and internal pressure ultra-ultra filter the filter two. Filtration precision of up to 0.01 micron, mainly for the purification of household water.

③ reverse osmosis water purification device: In a reverse osmosis membrane as the core member, filtration precision of up to 0.0001 microns, typically making their units for home or pure water, not to buy water.

from the structure divided monocular, binocular, three-cylinder, and the wall-mounted cabinet formula, plastic case and stainless steel shell and other forms.

Brand contest upgrade the water purification industry brand strategy Times

[ is With the size of the brand’s continued presence, water purifier market appeared to be quite crowded, the contest between the brand is also escalating. Today, consumers are hungry for better products and more intimate service, the “big brand” in their view to better meet this demand, therefore, emphasis on the importance of brand continues to increase.

to create quality products do not do “lengtouqing”

brand was counterfeit, which is many industries will face the dilemma. Also, we can not escape the clutches of counterfeiting. In fact, now this materialistic society, the interests of the already high holiday operation. But let counterfeit repeated occurrence would be too moral enough, does not conform to the law of enterprise development. In this regard, water purifier business have to create high-quality brand.

In general, in the beginning of the formation of the brand, water purifier business is just a little-known “lengtouqing” neither the strength nor money. While relying on its own “hot blood”, insists on quality assurance of products, consumers really feel comfortable. Over time, the original “thin” water purifier company is bound to keep themselves strong, to form their own good reputation in over time, and gradually set up their own brands.

offers attentive service and increase brand light

After the formation of the brand, companies need to communicate with the outside world and to improve our own shortcomings, the service has played a very big role. Service companies offer more than just service, also includes pre-sales service, shopping guide services. In general, integrated water purifier business is to make consumers feel at home in the store consumer, intimate feel frustrated when seeking service, deepen brand of natural light a lot.

emphasis on marketing to play a brand of positive energy

in brand building among water purifier business marketing tool linking the relationship between consumers and brands. As we all know, marketing is product sales in the important part, if done well, not only sell products, will be affected by the company’s brand. Therefore, choose their own means of marketing is very important, it can add light and color for the brand, so that positive energy brand stronger and more able to stimulate consumer desire to purchase hidden.

Although the market competition is a terrorist, but an integrated water purifier brand building company should not give up. Because a good brand, you can make marketing more effective. A hundredFlowers contend brand market, water purifier business only to follow up with the times, we put aside the old-fashioned brand strategy, in order to always maintain excellent posture in standing in the market.

Water purifier controversial because who moved the profit cake?

[ is ] water purifier since it was born, a lot of people would much controversy. Some said water purifier to drink a lot of bad, some people say too much trouble water purifiers, water purifiers and some people simply say that is a lie; behind the seemingly simple events, is likely various industries the result wrestling.

then the water purifier who moved the profit cake, Let us have in-depth analysis.

(source network)

First: water heaters, solar industry

purifier which has a and the pre-purification , a water purification device which is effective means for protecting water appliances, If these protective devices, these two appliances can extend the life of at least five years, and also the chance of damage to the greatly reduced; therefore moved heater, solar industry profits;

second: bottled water

bottled water development of the past two decades, today faces its biggest competitor is the water purifier in, because there is no running water on he formed the influence, if it became every household water purifiers in use, then bottled water will enter the stage to obsolete; they released a water purifier out of the water, then drink a long time can lead to rumors of rickets , a little common sense is clear, bottled water equipment is complete and the same equipment, it is just a big a little;

third: water

Why there will be running water it? the reason is simple, because the economic situation in the market Appeared water purifier must be because our water problems, but if we say that the water in question, then the same water will be back, that is to say we water purifier is a lie, in order to prove their tap water is safe, drinkable;

fourth: residential water dispenser

in fact, the principle of community water dispenser filters and our home water purifier is the same, but why they say it ? there is competition between us it has a simple example; when every household can take a bath, who would go to the public baths and bare Ding group of people taking a bath [northerners understand this]

these? perhaps the water purifier has been the face of enemies, but the saying goes: “There is no sex scandal star, it is notCelebrity. Non-controversial product, certainly not a good product. “

What causes the difference in the popularity of Chinese and foreign water purifier is?

[ is ] Speaking of water purifier penetration rate, I must mention a phenomenon – foreigners do not drink hot water, many Westerners do not have the habit of drinking hot water, even if it is in winter often drink tap water, one is eating habit, the other Western countries, highlighting the superior purification technology, it is what causes the difference in the popularity of Chinese and foreign water purifier it?

[ 123] (source network)


compared to the color, flavor and taste of the major domestic cuisine and a variety of delicious snacks, the West is more emphasis on rational diet, such as cereals, salads, steak, dishes small but rich in nutrients. It is based on the concept of diet, Western countries have for food quality and hygiene relatively stringent requirements, pay more attention to the quality of drinking water, which is also one of the reasons for the high water purification concept of Western countries.

healthy consumption concept

consumption in the health sector, the domestic general will focus tonic health, but ignore the impact of the living environment on health, the Western countries are good at improving the living environment by technological means, for higher household usage of water, cleanliness directly affect the health of their families, and therefore become a common way to purify water purifier family life, drinking water, and can effectively remove bacteria, viruses and other harmful substances, reduce damage to human health, protect the water of life safety of the family.

purification methods

In fact, at home and abroad have purify consciousness but in different ways, as people used to heat the water before drinking that hot water can kill and destroy bacteria in the water, or by drinking fountains direct drinking water. However, after boiling in water harmful substances still remaining, repeated heating will increase the nitrite content, can cause excessive toxicity or carcinogenicity. After drinking fountains used for some time, but also prone to secondary pollution, in contrast will be safer and more convenient.

future trends in water purifier

With the rapid development of modern industry, water is becoming polluted from industrial waste water, agriculture, domestic water, combined water distribution network and high-rise water tank interaction, water pollution is getting worse. Healthy water, quality of life is increasingly becoming the modern sense of family, let themselves and their families from harmful substances abuse in the future, water purifier will be widely applied to each family.

Entering the water purification industry should pay attention to risk accidentally dragged into the no-name

[ is ] For most entrepreneurs, the future is bright. The main reason is that the water industry profit potential is too great. But entering the water industry agents who should take care not to be brand-name risks dragging operation of the water purifier.

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First, the hybrid brand water purifier brand visibility is almost zero, so consumers do not trust, but also in the major online Poor often found, the customer vigilance hybrid brand water purifier is particularly high. Product performance and quality directly affects the security, the health of the water purifier, and miscellaneous brands enterprises can provide a reliable guarantee of quality and the aftermarket, which has become difficult to accurately answer a number of problems. Especially in real life, no-name consumer is generally considered defective and shoddy goods.

Secondly, the product quality is difficult to protect, difficult to estimate the potential business risks. Water purifier brand-name manufacturers mostly no standard production base, are chipping away, and on regulatory oversight, the lack of thorough investigation of the relevant system. Once the no-name water purifier serious water leakage problems, will cause significant economic losses to the customer. While in compensation, water purifier brand-name companies often choose to play evading responsibility even disappear. Once such agents have become a scapegoat, pay for unscrupulous manufacturers.

Moreover, this would not strict management, market dispute, loopholes abound. In the same area established by each agency are different for the camp, prices, policies, services, market doing doing to confusion. Manufacturers of the agents did not take support, all rely on the agents themselves feeling the stones, some marketers lack of experience, poor psychological quality, lack of patience, and often change the brand, in fact, the same brand. This result is clearly damage the interests of customers and dealers. But for producers earn no loss, the agents first and then make a loss, from beginning to end consumers at a loss.

No matter what kind of brand-name products are difficult to be recognized by consumers, let alone as a people related to the safety of drinking water purifiers, consumers are more cautious added carefully. So no-name water filter almost no ability to survive long-term through the “price war”, sooner or later suffered a crushing defeat in the competition in the industry.

Learn mode serves decent water filter water purifier identification chips

[is ] water purifier identification chips mode

What is considered to raise?

identification chips is through the design and promotion of certain single page, be recognized by customers to buy securities to raise way to determine prospective customers, so as to achieve rapid turnover of customers, we have solved a single page sent to the trash from the ills with this.

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The basic pattern identification chips

identification chips can be divided into:

1 fill the spot recognition raise ticket lottery gift from the late model

Example: pre-publicity can fill out the on-site identification chips coupons can be sent to a closed electric kettle 10 – 15 yuan, the day’s activities can participate in sweepstakes to attract popular.

2. The site-specific subscription product with identification chips gift vouchers mode high-value goods.

Example: Fill in the pre-subscribed securities to $ 5, the day the purchase of goods or send the value of 199 299 special gift, can participate in the lottery that day to attract popular.

considered to raise the amount of burnout according to the size of your event the best control in 5 – 50 yuan

identification chips preparation

1: pre-need publicity staff about 7 days everyone language in the publicity is important.

for example: manufacturers engaged in activities to promote unity must be filled in order to subscribe for securities admission all day to enjoy the preferential policies. If the site fill out a way to subscribe for securities gifts, be sure to explain in pairs a single page send a gift. As a way to subscribe to the scene, advocates must also publicize the gift of the day with a beautiful gift.

2. In the process of identification chips in the design and explain a single page is critical, why some big-ticket items are not marked price, relatively low commodity price index. Price low to attract the attention of customers, the price is marked in order to highlight the day in commodity prices in the course of a single page explanation as manufacturers offer, you do not know, such a high confidence of the people will be.

Analysis of water purifiers service survey questions and solutions

Evaluation of comment aftermarket Big Data

[ is ] primary source of information in the case of investigation and analysis in this report is the analysis of online sales Jingdong, the country more than a dozen specialized in water purification after-sales service providers interview exchange (these service providers living in the scope of services both premium Beijing and other cities, second-tier cities are also rooted in Qinhuangdao, Huai’an and other places; both towns located in the county service station market, but also all over the country’s service platform) . Purpose of the analysis is to identify problems, promote the progress in the water purification industry services.

water purifier service survey questions and analysis solutions (Photo from Internet)

The main features of consumer complaints

a, and the Channel satisfaction complaints network channels more prominent

consumers different channels and terminal form of water purifiers sold services is not the same. Currently water purifier sales channels focused engineering (overall real estate assembly), store channel (mostly building materials market), home appliance store channels (national and regional retail chains) and network channels. Water purifier customers online channels to buy the most prominent issues are not satisfied with the service. High service complaints focused on the next line of the Channel, that is supporting the project sold through poor user satisfaction with the current water purifier.

bad service network channels, one is a direct cause of higher cost of remote services (such as increasing the courier, customer service personnel are faced with wide geographical point spread), the second is beyond the reach of most manufacturers, electricity supplier does not have the ability to remotely manage services. At present the proportion of complaints to industry estimates more than 20%.

bad the Channel of goods and services sold mainly due to the sales process and no direct contact with the end user, the customer (end-user), without sufficient connection between the salesperson, and product developers. Engineering market price competition is difficult to guarantee product quality, service can not place another reason.

From the actual situation, the best, lowest complaint from consumers to the nearest store channel service probability.

to enhance the level of engineering services market, one way to solve project is to enhance the competitiveness of the market, the business of losing money, no money back guarantees do not do business. Not all developers are supporting the pursuit of cheap electrical appliances. Two projects to strengthen the level of service, a dedicated team with the idea ofInto this area, air-conditioning after-sales management experience to draw upon.

to enhance the electricity supplier service levels have to solve two problems: businesses need to effectively provide adequate support online sales of remote service fee, which is one sufficient condition for good service, but also to include electricity supplier service providers, third-party payment service personnel service fee. While increasing the demand for services and user satisfaction. A necessary condition is to improve the level of service management and control platform, the direction is the use of control means one hundred million water purification and other professional large platforms. Advanced systems are good tools for improving the level of communication, improve efficiency, increase speed of service, enhance service continuity, increase monitoring efforts. Currently, 100 million water purification systems and other professional service platform to enhance the level very quickly. One hundred million water purification 2014 year 2015 year service complaints reduced by more than 50%. Up to

Second, the secondary market service complaints

water purifier sales of original mainly in a second-tier market, with the rise of network channels, sales of four-tier cities showed explosive growth, currently sales accounted towns either. Three or four markets point spread wide, the services business is difficult to form scale. Level professional and technical services staff of backward regions can not be compared with cities. Therefore, after-sales service in terms of speed and professional nature are difficult to achieve satisfactory condition. Especially in the installation more complaints.

analyze the causes of complaints and resolve all aspects of the program

First, packaging and logistics sectors

sales of the line service, usually send one installed, logistics and distribution problems are not protruding. But online sales, distribution and installation is generally separated from the logistics chain will naturally be some problems, although the problem is not high proportion.

poor packaging. After the user receives the goods, I do not feel too good. Subjective reasons manufacturers to sell online sales package and the conventional packaging lines treated equally, and online vendors to reduce costs due to logistics.

slow delivery. Objective reason for complaint when online sales and marketing activities much larger effort, the moment will have a lot of orders. Delivery is too concentrated, shipments will be subjected to pressure, timeliness difficult to achieve daily commitment before.

solution is to enable users to understand the difficult logistics delivery too concentrated and delivery time to traffic problems caused by the after-sales service to communicate, do more to explain, reduce customer expectations. At the same time effectively improve the packaging, the same tableOr close.

Second, install reservation link

booking service is more problematic aspects arise. “Slow” character accounted for about 3% of all issues.

line for later feeding water purifier usually not integrally mounted. Many vendors provides: installation time of reservation needs its own initiative to call the service hotline brand after users receive water purification products, or micro-channel reservation number by focusing on public enterprises. But the problem is that many consumers do not understand this process, a little mouse that everything will be fine! Wait a couple of weeks have not installed the consumer a lot of people.

to solve this problem is to: customer service, shopping guide to clearly inform Reservation install their own time so that the user knows. Or clearly informed on the product description, packaging requires the user to take the initiative to make an appointment and reservation channel. To ensure the smooth flow of the reservation channel, or service providers active appointment.

Water purification industry plagiarism rife innovation is to survive

[ is ] water industry can be described as rapid development in recent years, except for some OEM water purifier manufacturers, almost all of the water purifier manufacturers are small workshops there is the phenomenon of plagiarism big brands , copying the style of sweeping the water industry, which is a first-class brand to create a high-tech companies is extremely unfair. Road

plagiarism rife innovation is to survive (Photo from Internet)

plagiarism hinder the development of the water industry

in a huge temptation under that many small and medium sized water purifier manufacturer abandoned the “R & D, production and sales of” traditional factory model. Because each develop a new product, need to invest the time and cost it is huge, has a market risk that may not optimistic about sales prospects.

water purifier on the market today, some are imported from abroad, either through market research imitate the best-selling product on the market at present, which is more cost effective, attracted to emulate. Shenzhen Ai-chia Technology Co., Ltd. Seoul official said: “In order to continue long-term development of the water industry, which shares shall promptly to curb copying the style.”

plagiarism suppress diverse needs of consumers

[ 123] with the increased competition, consumer choice will be expanded, and the level of consumer awareness and continuously improve the standard requirements, will make those who are not core technology, poor quality water purifier lose the market. Plagiarism has been used to factory level, once encountered strong resistance from the market and the brand companies, will be no other way out, it could lead to collapse.

cottage, plagiarism objectively economy, to some extent, can play a catalytic role in the early development of the water industry, but also to meet consumer demand customers in all aspects, but in the long run, this is not conducive to business enhance the core competitiveness, not conducive to the healthy development of the industry good, but not conducive to the diverse needs of consumers. “

plagiarism as suicidal innovation is to survive

water purification industry veteran, said to change the water industry” re-sales, create light “,” the cottage, light original “preposterous phenomenon, it must establish a kind of” innovation for productivity “point of view, and from the funding, staffing on give strong support to give designers plenty of room, from full-on job, benefits, working conditionsSupport orientation, or take mode of cooperation with brand design company, developed with independent intellectual property rights of water purification products. The end result

“the fundamental source of long-term development of the water purifier business is the design and development, face increasingly complex market demands, blindly copying is being brought out of the market, to give up the business development fundamentally, undoubtedly harm than good roads. “All the water purifier manufacturers should look further ahead prize, only to see the immediate future of the road will lead companies unable to move.

How do brand water purifier manufacturers in the industry?

[ is ] has been water purifier manufacturers generally manufacture of external information for the development of the fundamental business, ignoring the spread of business in the 21st century, is an information the rapid transfer of information, the Internet is changing the traditional business model of development, how you need to do brand in the industry it?


brand water purifier manufacturers do a good job in the industry Advantage? (Photo from Internet)

First, pay attention to brand image and publicity

as a traditional water purifier manufacturers need to product branding, brand differentiation, create a unique brand image , to never forget; while with the television media, newspapers, online media, corporate video and other media coverage, so that their brands and quality products known to the public.

Second, the new sales model

a good product needs good sales model, in the fierce competition in the market today, who should take the initiative in advance who will win the customer, so-called “wine also afraid of deep alley, “tap new sales and marketing channels, water purifier manufacturers in order to win on the investment advantages, also need to take a variety of modes, currently more common agent to join, will sell wholesale, distribution, etc. are more good model.

Third, cultivate professional marketing team

professional marketing team is an important guarantee for factory sales, how to make franchisees from the understanding we have to choose us, we need our marketing staff professional knowledge, complete marketing team needs to have investment, market, sale and composition, so manufacturers need to focus on the marketing team building.

Fourth, improve the quality of service

a brand to get a good reputation in the market, companies need to pay attention to quality of service, after selecting franchisee manufacturers, manufacturers need from the store decoration, opened given the activities, market development, after-sales support and assistance, helping franchisees do market development, timely and effective solution franchisees replacement product sales work.

increasingly competitive, manufacturers need to do water purifier business transformation. To achieve the type of transformation to become brand products production, which requires business decision makers in a timely manner in brand building and planning division implemented, this is the only unbeaten in the future in order to remain competitive in the market water purifierplace.

Water purifier dealers need to understand their position clear future plans

[ is ] broad prospects water purification industry, so does the end of the water purifier dealers more and more, but a lot of water purifier dealer is blind, is unclear how to plan operations, leading to eventual failure. The following is the dealer’s nine stages, hoping to bring help to give you a reference water purifier dealers.

water purifier dealers need to understand their position clear future plans (Photo from Internet)

for a water purifier dealers: “Do products” [ 123]

comprehensive “understanding” of basic information, including industry trends, expertise and knowledge to purchase the company’s products. To understand many of these basic common sense, help to promote sales and store operations.

two-stage water purifier dealers: “make choices”

gather a lot of information and good selection. To understand upstream of the product to be familiar with the downstream end of the distribution customers to understand, can be very good for the market, and to promote sales.

three-stage water purifier dealers: “do analysis.”

to collect a lot of market information, dynamic competitors, do a comprehensive “analysis.” According to market research and visits harvest, understand the market demand, to do “the regional market analysis report”, and to develop specific “market development program.”

four water purifier dealers: “do the planning.”

and encourage customers to “deal.” According to “regional market development plan”, negotiations with customers, promote cooperation docking requirements, and to develop “customer cooperation development plan” to provide long-term value and achieve sales.

five sections of the water purifier dealers: “Do Process”

to do the management, the implementation of the “professional + company” of the operation. Develop marketing “process”, build team, set strategy, lead the teams, which is outstanding dealers qualities, through the creation of team performance. Many dealers difficult to break through the “bottleneck.”

sixth water purifier dealers: “do the meeting”

to do “marketing meeting.” With a variety of training and conferences, and outreach programs to promote the use of the product, this can improve efficiency, expand their business operating results.

seven water purifier dealers: “do service”

provide a “system services.” Good preSale, sale and after-sales service, to solve the difficulties encountered by customers, to provide maximum service value for customers, clients and win-win development.

eight water purifier dealers: “Do values”

to provide maximum “value” to customers. Provide long-term value and exceed the expectations of customers value the full range of customer service and promote customer growth and profitability.

nine water purifier dealers: “Be Future”

building enterprise “core competencies”, casting the future sustainable development of enterprises, which is the business of the highest level.

intended to be a water purifier dealers, they should clear their position clear at what stage their own, in order to more clearly then how to walk.