The present situation of water purification industry and commercial water boilers Prospects

[is ] status of water purifier manufacturers analysis

more and more operators felt the great potential view water purifier, adding to the industry in the past, but , most manufacturers are small workshops run, there is no professional design and production equipment, production sites and no formal detection method, there is no perfect management and marketing system. Not very common to buy some accessories compatible in all parts factory to assemble, no guarantee of quality, service is not guaranteed, but did not guarantee delivery.

most of the few manufacturers of consumer demand based on research, knowledge of the industry and the future direction of the depth of water purification products is not enough, so although water purifier products on the market a wide range, but are you copy me, I copy you practice.

is not only the product, the marketing water purifier, most manufacturers also are in the exploratory stage, no manufacturer experienced and successful model in this regard.

and many manufacturers are short-term, not long-term planning and market competitive strategy. There is no so-called brand, the industry is still in the stage of non-leading brands.

consumer market analysis

to in terms of consumer demand in two major categories: First, because the objective facts of tap water quality is getting worse, leading to more and more people want to tap home used for purification, after all, 80% of diseases are water-related, through the terminal water purifier purify the health of the whole family are guaranteed.

Second, now most of the units and families are drinking bottled water, but due to confusion bottled water market, consumers have concerns about bottled water, bottled water and take higher costs and most consumers do not bother to hydrotechnic people-to-door bottled water and feeling of insecurity, it is possible to make a drink in their own homes, and the use of low-cost water purifier popular will.

but the vast majority of consumers still do not know for water purification products, and some do not even have heard of a few of the current flood of water filtration technology and related knowledge is even more strange, although purification demand, but do not know which product should be selected, is still in a state of passive acceptance, the market is still in the introduction phase.

Analysis of water purification products

use classification from water purification technology, there are:

microfiltration purifier ①: The built PP filter, activated carbon filter, ceramic filter monocular, binoculars water purifiers, generally low price, but it is easy to filter clogging, and frequent replacement, and the filtration accuracy is not high, only a preliminary filtering water.

UF water purification: ultra filter core member, and some also in combination with other filter. There external pressure and internal pressure ultra-ultra filter the filter two. Filtration precision of up to 0.01 micron, mainly for the purification of household water.

③ reverse osmosis water purification device: In a reverse osmosis membrane as the core member, filtration precision of up to 0.0001 microns, typically making their units for home or pure water, not to buy water.

from the structure divided monocular, binocular, three-cylinder, and the wall-mounted cabinet formula, plastic case and stainless steel shell and other forms.

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