What factors influence the development of the water purifier market subject to the constraints

In recent years, as more and more well-known kitchen appliances or electrical business leaders and Bin He and other foreign countries have been involved in the domestic market, it is a time to attract attention, water purifiers, the development in China for 20 years of obscurity market, attracted the attention of investment companies, media companies, dealers and many other groups. Moreover, industry sales model is changing. Household water purifiers city experienced a product introduction, are now entering the industry matured, along with increased competition, in 2012 to enter the industry “big reshuffle” in the first year, sales of the previous model no longer follow the old model, while sales paradigm shift, it is changed for each water purifier brand in order to better adapt to market changes made, it can be said to change this pattern, in terms of the agents is to grasp the good. Future water purifier market, entered the store will no longer be terminal marketing king. Sealy believes that in the past entered the store sales model is considered the best way to enhance the terminal sales, at present, these channel model still plays an important role, but the effect is waning; now many large stores, nationally known as the United States, Suning, Red star Meikai dragon, actually home, etc., in the signing of a strategic alliance agreement with the water purifier business, added a series of “King terms”, we all know the biggest advantage of this type of store location, high visibility, brand gathered, to provide consumers with “one-stop” shopping, and with the requirements of this store continues to improve, more and more home industry other brands choose to establish their own experience center, which stores the advantage is weakening. Currently factor restricting the development of water purifier market is mainly manifested in the following aspects:. A water purifier national standards is not perfect, there is no uniform standards to regulate the current, water purifier standard urban construction industry standard “CJ3023-93 net addition of activated carbon water heater “,” outside CJ3026-94 integrated water purifier drinking water standards, “almost did not examine other aspects of the measure. The lack of standards guidance, resulting in consumer confusion. B. Product Positioning There are currently confined to the majority of domestic manufacturers to promote the positioning of the water purifier to health and beauty. Beauty feels not always popular. We should be positioned in the water purifier kitchen home appliances, kitchen products and appliances such as rice cookers, electric kettle and other propaganda put together. In this way, consumers will be virtually the net water and electric cooker as the same type of products, thereby enhancing the penetration .C. consumers purifier lack of awareness through counseling and survey of consumer shopping malls found that most consumers on the netWater is ignorant, water purifiers for water purification function skeptical, wait and see attitude. This is a key factor restricting the development of water purification industry. D. uneven product quality, sales management is not standardized as to provide drinking water to the people closely related to the product, water purifier hygiene requirements can not be ignored. There are a lot of no-name water purification products, from the appearance of the structure can not meet minimum health requirements, and even some activated carbon water filter cartridge will have to move a bit from falling, and some water purifier housing and the inner wall of Muddy dust. As a sales terminal – Mall management of water purification products are not standardized, and some shopping malls water purification products similar to grocery store counters, and even some shopping malls counter products .E no water purifier water purifier master the core technology inadequate. filter manufacturing lack of uniform standards, to replace the filter of water purifier become the bottleneck of the development of the majority of domestic manufacturers only manufacture activated carbon filters, while the hollow fiber, reverse osmosis membranes, ultrafiltration (UF) advanced purification technology to master, and it can rely on delivery business. At the same time, the filter manufacturing also lack of uniform standards, once the purchase of a particular brand of water purifiers, subsequent filter replacement can only be purchased with a vendor’s products, consumers lose the right to freedom of choice. When some consumers worry about the manufacturers do not produce, expensive water purifier will lose usefulness; or may be any mercy in the filter manufacturer price. F. market lacks strong brand support, the lack of publicity and authoritative guide water purifier is an emerging industry, well-known brands such as Haier, etc. have not set foot in the water purifier manufacturing, people familiar with foreign brands such as Panasonic and others did not enter Chinese market. Water purifier market is in the Warring States Period, each brand products say they are well-known brands or adopt international advanced manufacturing technology, and the market response has no corresponding oversight mechanisms, the industry did not let consumers agree propaganda and program guide, some manufacturers added some man-made false propaganda and deception in the publicity industry, increased consumer skepticism. G. Other similar products such as competitive bottled, bottled water, drinking fountains and other water purifier is also restricting the development of a non-negligible factor based on the above analysis, the water purification industry are perhaps the following aspects should be considered: a: trends in market research, accelerate the development and improvement of products with independent property rights; II: product positioning and brand building; three: from the industry point of view, to guide consumer attitudes, product development market; four: strong research and application of advanced purification technology, water purifier to solve various problems of development; five: to enhance and improve the company’s hardware and softwareFacilities to meet the requirements of national standards, industry-neutral steady foot!

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